Stand up to COVID-19

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Taking a Break

October 1st

It's been a load of fun making these stands over the last few months. For the moment, we're getting ready to relaunch, bigger and better than ever. If you want to be notified of when we're reopening, get notified here! See you soon!

Low Stock

September 9th

The last delivery of materials has been delayed. Because of this, we'll have only a small amount of stock until the new materials arrive. If you find we're sold out, I expect the materials to be with us before the middle of next week.

Reduced Tax Rate

September 1st

The Irish Government has introduced a lower tax rate as part of COVID-19 stimulus package. While this won’t impact the cost of StandIn Free, it does mean the slightly lower tax rate will knock a little off of StandIn Cherry. Hooray!

Also, A new compare page now shows a breakdown of the different features of StandIn Cherry and StandIn Free. Check it out!

StandIn Cherry now available!

July 17th

Today we're happy to launch StandIn Cherry. It's made from 4mm crown cut cherry wood veneer. Thicker than StandIn Free and more durable, StandIn Cherry is a premium version of the popular free stand. The wood is treated with teak oil to bring out its beautiful grain. More detail on the StandIn Cherry page.

StandIn Cherry is available in small quanities. If sold out, check back when we restock on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Out of stock for a bit.

July 18th

Our shipment of materials has been a bit delayed, so we've been unable to restock StandIn Free today. It's possible it could be in stock again over the weekend, but I think we'll have to wait until Tuesday, July 21st.

Wow. You all really like StandIn Free!

June 24th

Due to how many orders we've been taking, we've had to limit the orders! Now, we'll restock StandIn Free every Tuesday and Thursday. Check back then if you've missed your chance to order.

We've Launched!

June 19th

We're here and getting ready to make your life working from home a little bit easier.

Our first Product -- StandIn Free -- is a free laptop stand provided to make your laptop more ergonomic, cooler, and tidy cabales on the desk. Take a stand agaisnt COVID-19 by taking a StandIn your home.