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Frequently Asked Questions

Is assembly required?

Yes. StandIn products are usually shipped flat packed. The parts feature slots labeled A, B, C, etc. Simply slot them together by following the alphabet or using any included instructions.

My stand has a little wobble. Can it be fixed?

Probably! The most common reason for wobble is the centre of the crossbar is a little loose. Press together the centre (letter A on the instructions) and it should sort that wobble out.

How do you offer stands for free?

Donations help and buying in bulk lowers the cost of materials. The biggest cost is postage and packaging which we ask you to cover. After that, the remaining costs are quite small.

There was a problem with my order! How do I contact you?

Oh, no! You can reach out to with the name and email address used to place the order. If you have a PayPal transaction reference, please include that too.

Who is this the “we” and “us” mentioned on the website and what do you do?

Well, it’s actually just me, Stewart. I designed the stand, created prototypes on my laser cutter, package and ship the stands, along with making the website.

What do you make the stands with?

Jorge cuts the stands with a 30W CO2 laser. Jorge is the name given to the FLUX beamo in our home office.

“Our” home office?

Sorry, my home office. Yes, I have a little office in my home with my computers and tools. I have an iMac, Mac mini, beamo, Drobo, and other gadgets.

How did you get started?

I was inspired by Benchspace Cork and their involvement in 3D Printed Faceshield for Irish Healthcare Workers. I wanted to try and give back a little too, even if my offering isn’t as noble as helping the people in our healthcare system.